E.K. - Part I and Part II

Me (in Hebrew): Hi! I am K., your interviewer. Very pleased to meet you!

E.K. (in Hebrew): Hi! I’m E.K.. Where are you from? Oh, Germany?

Me (in English): Yes!

E.K. (in English): You have hardly any Hitler-accent, good for you!

Me (inwardly): AAAAH

E. K. – Part II

“This country is as if you have dog poo on your nice carpet in your home”, that is literally what E.K. said about Israel just now. Why does he not defend it just a little? I do get this whole “Jews question and argue with everyone, even God”-thing by now. But if you are in such a prominent position, why not at least be a little bit positive about a place that half the world considers a hellhole anyways? Why not help promote it a little? E.K. is a great writer, I would love to be able to do with words what he does, but the interview with him has left me exacerbated and upset just now.

It was a really pleasant conversation in tone, to be sure. He is inspiring, humble and VERY likable and smart. But listening to the tape from the interview, he pretty much only said stuff that I hesitate to have printed in a German newspaper (and for sure in an Israeli one): “Having this state is such a ridiculous idea!”, “The reason why two temples were burnt down, is that both times the Jewish people lived together in one country.” And “This current situation in Israel is the end battle of Judaism.”

Can I honestly submit this for publication? Did I ask the wrong questions?

I collect great beginnings. Beginnings of songs, of movies, of great articles and books.

This quote by Buzz Bissinger is the most beautiful beginning in my collection. It also captures perfectly what it feels like for me to research and write newspaper articles about Israelis and Israel. The short notes below describe the experiences behind my published texts. They are the fun, silly, absurd, baffled or sad real beginnings of those stories. They sketch what happens before or after I write the actual piece and send it off to the editor, and they are taken from my diary entries about rummaging up and down that little country and its people for no other reason but pure curiosity. 

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